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Short Synopsis
Your friendly guide to trading the bond and bond fund market.

Full Synopsis
Your friendly guide to trading the bond and bond fund market.

Bonds and bond funds are among the safest and most reliable investments you can make to ensure an ample and dependable retirement income—if you do it right! Bond Investing For Dummies helps you do just that, with clear explanations of everything you need to know to build a diversified bond portfolio that will be there when you need it no matter what happens in the stock market.

This plain-English guide clearly explains the pros and cons of investing in bonds, how they differ from stocks, and the best (and worst!) ways to select and purchase bonds for your needs. You'll get up to speed on the different bond varieties and see how to get the best prices when you sell.

● Covers the ups and downs of today's market, which reinforces the importance of bonds in a portfolio

● Explains how a radical fall in interest rates make bond investing trickier than ever

● Explores the historic downgrade of U.S. Treasuries and its possible effects on government bonds

If you're an investor looking for a resource that helps you understand, evaluate, and incorporate bonds into your portfolio, Bond Investing For Dummies has you covered.

Bond Investing For Dummies

2nd Edition

Author Russell Wild, MBA

Narrated by Steven Jay Cohen

Publication date Oct 8, 2019

Running time 14 hrs 23 min

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