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Short Synopsis
Anna Carven presents Book 8 of the Dark Planet Warriors series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis

We're back on Silence, orbiting the Dark Planet while my husband handles unfinished business on Kythia. For some reason, he seems a little bit tense. According to Tarak, Kythian politics can be complicated. I just hope things don't get too complicated, because I don't want to be stuck here for too long. A warship isn't really the best place to raise a child.


The only way to keep Abbey and Ami safe is to bring down the Empire. Afterwards, it is the statesmen and scholars who will rebuild our civilization. I'm just here to provide the muscle, but above all, I'm here to keep my mate and my child safe. If anything or anyone dares to threaten them . . .

They know how I will respond.

The problem is that not all enemies can be taken down by force.

Contains mature themes.

Brilliant Starlight

Author Anna Carven

Narrated by Jillian Macie, Todd McLaren

Publication date May 22, 2018

Running time 8 hrs 10 min

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