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Short Synopsis
When a dark magical power rises, Meghan Jacoby has a terrifying choice to make. Let her brother go, knowing he's being taken down a cursed path she cannot follow; one he may never return from. Or save him, only to lose him anyway because the only way to do so is to destroy the mysterious silver-haired dream girl he'd do anything for.

Full Synopsis
After fleeing from the Goblin King, the Svoda step through a new magical portal only to make a gruesome discovery: a devastated and smoldering habitat with belongings strewn about and ruined. Just one thing is missing . . . the people.

An investigation commences and the Svoda are on high alert. With each new mystery they uncover, the more dangerous the situation becomes, and they find themselvesfugitives with no place to run from a dark magic too powerful to stop.

Tensions heighten between Meghan and Colin when she discovers that her brother's dream girl, Catrina, may just be the key to ending this new dark power. She might even be the very threat causing it!

Meghan must make a choice in which either way, something is lost.

At risk is the life of her brother, her blood, someone she's always looked after and protected no matter what. But even if she saves him, he might be lost to her anyway, as she'll be destroying the dream girl he's fought so hard to find and would even die for.

But if she does nothing and lets him go, she might be putting the rest of the magical world, and the non-magical world, up against an ancient dark magic they cannot fight against and win.


The Vampires, The Magic Stones, and The Cursed Child

Author Humphrey Quinn

Narrated by Paul Woodson

Publication date Aug 15, 2017

Running time 5 hrs 24 min

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