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Short Synopsis
Natalia Jaster presents the second book in her Foolish Kingdoms series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A Hotheaded Prisoner: In the Kingdom of Summer, they say she's wild.

Locked in a cage by the sea, Flare dreams of escape. She dreams of a lost world, known only in legends. The island is calling to her. And she won't let anyone keep her from it. Especially not him.

A Coldhearted Prince: They say he's cruel.

Jeryn has crossed the ocean for the Trade, to bargain for those fierce, imprisoned creatures that make his skin crawl. By law, they're subjects meant for experimentation. And easy to despise. One girl in particular.

A Mystical Shipwreck: But on the cusp of transport, the tide rages. That hidden island awaits.

Stranded, the prince and prisoner must fight to survive. In a mysterious rainforest, they must band together . . . if they don't slay one another first.

Or become something more to each other. Something just as dangerous.

Contains mature themes.


Author Natalia Jaster

Narrated by Cornell Collins, Lauren Sweet

Publication date Mar 26, 2019

Running time 13 hrs

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