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Short Synopsis
London Lovett presents Book 1 in the Firefly Junction Cozy Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
With her social life and writing career in tatters at the ripe old age of thirty-five, Sunni Taylor decides to pack up her things and join her sisters, Lana and Emily, in the small town of Firefly Junction. Hoping to open a bed and breakfast, Sunni sets herself the task of refurbishing the rundown Cider Ridge Inn, a two-hundred-year-old house with a sordid past. In the meantime, she's stuck writing dull human interest stories for the Junction Times. But when Sunni decides to bend the rules on her first newspaper assignment, she soon finds herself in her favorite place—right in the center of a murder investigation. Now if she can just steer clear of the cocky, irritating and far too appealing local detective, Brady "Jax" Jackson.

It isn't long before Sunni discovers that avoiding Jax is a piece of cake compared to staying clear of the equally cocky, irritating and far too appealing two-hundred-year-old ghost haunting the halls of the Cider Ridge Inn.

“Narrated by Tiffany Morgan, the characters of Sunni and her sisters, as well as the occasional input from other townspeople was clearly presented and easy to follow along – ONCE I got used to her rather unique delivery style and pace.” —I Am Indeed

Death in the Park

Author London Lovett

Narrated by Tiffany Morgan

Publication date Feb 12, 2019

Running time 6 hrs 20 min

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