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Short Synopsis
Patricia V. Davis presents Book 3 in the Secret Spice Cafe series.

Full Synopsis
This metaphysical novel incorporates mystery and problem-solving, but also adds a dash of spice. The prologue introduces an era just before Hitler has just been made the ruler of Germany, when Queen Mary of Teck christens her ship of the same name, and where a baby born in Louisiana faces an uncertain future without her mother.

Now fast forward to 2020, in the first chapter, some hours before a predicted apocalypse, when kindergartner Alana Miceli falls into a trance for the first time. In her vision, she's wrenched out of her familiar school setting and into the ship's Secret Spice Café.

As the spirits of the Queen Mary draw connections between past and present events and season them with new possibilities, listeners are treated to a compelling story that is especially powerful when considered in light of the previous books in the trilogy. While newcomers to the series could conceivably enter into this story without knowledge of the other novels, it is highly recommended that these tales be absorbed in chronological order, to enhance this final volume's strength and the series as a whole.

Demons, Well-Seasoned

Author Patricia V. Davis

Narrated by Ann Marie Gideon

Publication date Jul 7, 2020

Running time 10 hrs

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