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A must-listen romantic comedy from the author of Kiss Now, Lie Later.

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He's the one guy she swore she'd never fall for.

Harlow Hayes loves water. In its liquid form. The chlorinated kind she swims in. The perennial droplets soaking her adopted hometown. The waves she ventures out on to observe the ocean.

Water, in its frozen state, holds no appeal to her. That's not the only—or most divisive—difference between her and Conor Hart. The arrogant, arresting captain of Holt University's hockey team spends every second not picking fights or partying atop a sheet of it.

Plenty of girls fall for the charming lines and that cocky smirk. Harlow knows better. Knows more.

The fuel for the fury that makes him such a dominant force on the ice. The reason he ignores her as resolutely as she pretends he doesn't exist. The history they share but didn't write.

Knowledge meant to ensure he's the one guy she could never—would never—like, much less love.

Famous last words.

Famous Last Words

Author C.W. Farnsworth

Narrated by Ada Sinclair, Tyler Donne

Publication date Jan 31, 2023

Running time 9 hrs 19 min

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