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Crystal Ash presents Book 1 in the Harem of Freaks series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Who knew cages and freaks would set me free?

Growing up in trailer trash hell, the carnival was my only happy memory as a child. I held onto the magic of that memory until I could finally escape. And like Alice down the rabbit hole, I entered a world beyond my wildest dreams. A world with a shiny, colorful exterior, but filled with rot and corruption underneath.

But no matter what these people put me through, I can't go back to my life before.

The man with the biggest secret is the only one I can trust. He's dangerous, but he's safety to me. He's broken, but he put me back together. I'll keep his secret. My heart hopes he'll keep me. But in a hall of mirrors, how do you know what's real or an illusion?

Every grueling night onstage is building up to a final show: The Wolf Man. Is he real or a hoax? Why do I feel such a pull to find out his truth?

Care to join me on this wild ride? Step right up.

Contains mature themes.

Freak Show

Author Crystal Ash

Narrated by Alexander Cendese, Amelie Griffin

Publication date Apr 30, 2019

Running time 5 hrs 26 min

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