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Short Synopsis
In the third installment of the Mageborn series, as Mordecai's power grows, he wonders if the sacrifices he must make will be worth it.

Full Synopsis
Mordecai's growing power and success have made him a threat, not just to the gods and their minions, but also to the king of Lothion. An unholy bargain has been struck to bring him to heel and increasingly it seems that victory may not be worth the price, not if the cost is measured in the blood of his family. Wizard, lord, husband, father, and now archmage . . . no man can balance so many roles without sacrificing something. Will the world be worth saving if it costs him the very reasons he has for living in it?

Mageborn: The Archmage Unbound

Author Michael G. Manning

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Publication date Mar 4, 2013

Running time 18 hrs

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