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Short Synopsis
Danielle Garrett presents the first book in her Haven Paranormal Romance series.

Full Synopsis
When your father is a literal monster, the last place you want to go is home.

Unfortunately, I wasn't given much of a choice. Following a five-year exile, I'm back in my childhood bedroom. Only, this time, there are silver bars on all the windows and vault locks on the doors.

In lieu of a homecoming party, my father is hosting a barbaric tournament to determine who will win my hand in marriage.

And really, who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their limitless days with a blood-thirsty vampire fresh from a cage match? This is what dreams are made of, ladies!

Things go from bad to train wreck when my only ally gets herself kidnapped and I'm left with one of my would-be boyfriends after someone loses their head—I wish I was kidding—in my bedroom.

I have to save my friend, watch my back, and keep my heart from chasing after my temporary partner in crime, all without landing in the crosshairs of whatever monster is terrorizing the Eastern Court.

"Ms. Ronconi appropriately alters the dialogue for other characters and does a good job differentiating masculine or feminine, older or younger." -That's What I'm Talking About

Once Upon a Hallow's Eve

Author Danielle Garrett

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi

Publication date Sep 19, 2018

Running time 7 hrs 19 min

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