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Natalie Keller Reinert presents Book 2 of the Eventing series.

Full Synopsis
Horses aren't cheap, and competing event horses is a tough way to make a living. Jules Thornton is settled at Briar Hill Farm with fellow trainer Pete Morrison, eyes focused on a successful future in eventing, but money is tight and opportunities are dwindling.

When a potential sponsor offers Pete a stellar deal, Jules is ready for her big break—but it's not what she was hoping for. She'll have to make hard choices if she wants a future in eventing—and with Pete.

There are fireworks on the horizon as Jules heads south to Florida's vacation-land to meet her new trainer, Grace Carter. The star of "Show Barn Blues" is back to put Jules through her paces and bring her attitude down a notch or two. Can Jules stick out a summer of dressage lessons and high-dollar clients?


Author Natalie Keller Reinert

Narrated by Piper Goodeve

Publication date Jun 26, 2018

Running time 11 hrs 4 min

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