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Melissa F. Miller presents the second novel in the We Sisters Three Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
Sage Field loves being a nanny for the children of PGA golfer Chip Moore. But when Chip is implicated in the murder of a rival golfer and loses his endorsement contracts, the Moores are going to have to cut costs—and Sage's job is on the chopping block.

Sage convinces Roman Lyman, Chip's caddy, to help her clear their boss's name and save their jobs. They unearth a secret that's been hidden for a quarter of a century, discover a box of cash, and stumble onto a blackmail scheme. In the process, Sage discovers that Roman's been keeping some secrets of his own.

Sage and Roman will be lucky to save their lives, let alone their jobs.

Sage of Innocence

Author Melissa F. Miller

Narrated by Vanessa Daniels

Publication date Dec 5, 2017

Running time 5 hrs

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