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Short Synopsis
Prepare to return to the Stone Age in the first of Michael Banner's exciting post-apocalypse series.

Full Synopsis
Stone Age transports listeners to three different periods, all affected by the same act of nature: A miner during the Gold Rush in 1859; a wanderer during the Stone Age; a family separated between a vacation home in Mexico and their Mid-West American home. All will struggle to survive, and along the way, they will discover real purpose to their existence.

Find out whose lives are lost, what mysteries are uncovered, and which secrets are revealed—all interconnected to the present-day apocalypse that has destroyed the Earth's technology.

"A well set-up page-turner with solid tech, and I liked the characters… Highly recommended." ---D.A. Wearmouth, author of First Action

"This is no silly story of flesh eating zombies, this is real - please read it, you won't be disappointed." ---P.A. Siggins

"I couldn't put the book down. There were several points where I became emotional and actually cried for the characters… cannot wait to get the next one!!!" ---Deb Guieb

Stone Age

Author M. L. Banner

Narrated by Dan John Miller

Publication date Dec 9, 2014

Running time 6 hrs

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