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Short Synopsis
In this clever and accessible book, authors Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith make the following claim: Leaders do whatever keeps them in power.

Full Synopsis
For eighteen years, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith have been revolutionizing the study of politics by turning conventional wisdom on its head. They start from a single assertion: Leaders do whatever keeps them in power. They don't care about the "national interest"—or even their subjects—unless they have to.

This clever and accessible book shows that the difference between tyrants and democrats is just a convenient fiction. Governments do not differ in kind but only in the number of essential supporters, or backs that need scratching. The size of this group determines almost everything about politics: what leaders can get away with, and the quality of life or misery under them. The picture the authors paint is not pretty. But it just may be the truth, which is a good starting point for anyone seeking to improve human governance.

"Machiavelli's The Prince has a new rival. . . . This is a fantastically thought-provoking read. I found myself not wanting to agree but actually, for the most part, being convinced that the cynical analysis is the true one." ---Enlightenment Economics

"An unabashed study of the uses and abuses of realpolitik." ---Kirkus

"A lucidly written, shrewdly argued meditation on how democrats and dictators preserve political authority. . . . In a style reminiscent of Freakonomics, Messrs. Bueno de Mesquita and Smith present dozens of clever examples." ---Wall Street Journal

The Dictator's Handbook

Why Bad Behavior Is Almost Always Good Politics

Author Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Alastair Smith

Narrated by Johnny Heller

Publication date Mar 19, 2012

Running time 12 hrs

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