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Short Synopsis
The Talbot family continues to fight for survival in book four of the Zombie Fallout series.

Full Synopsis
"The End . . . has come and gone. This is the new beginning, the new world order and it sucks. The end for humanity came the moment the U.S. government sent out the infected flu shots. My name is Michael Talbot and this is my journal. I'm writing this because no one's tomorrow is guaranteed, and I have to leave something behind to those who may follow." —From Mike Talbot's journal                  

So continues Mike's journey. Will he give up all that he is in a desperate bid to save his family and friends? Eliza is coming: can anyone be prepared?

"Mark Tufo is one of those writers whose stories are elevated beyond the usual." ---John Ramsey Miller, author of The Last Family

Sean Runnette is Mike Talbot, period. He brings the dialogue to life in such a way that becomes the characters." ---AudioBook Reviewer

Zombie Fallout 4

The End Has Come and Gone

Author Mark Tufo

Narrated by Sean Runnette

Publication date Apr 23, 2012

Running time 12 hrs

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