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Short Synopsis
Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix present Book 3 in the Real Men Love Witches series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Forget her uncontrollable magic . . . She's dealing with uncontrollable lust. Eh, control is overrated anyway.

Anyone judging Tiffany Ufora by her cover would undoubtedly think the goth witch was a necromancer—and that's fine by her. Much to her dismay, Tiffany's particular brand of magic has a habit of spitting out oodles of the most adorable fluffy, pastel-colored critters at the most inopportune times.

Mortified by her joyful magic, Tiffany does her best to control the uncontrollable. And it doesn't help when her dad hears about her poor grades at Othercross University and cuts her off financially—forcing her to get a job, of all things.

Her salvation comes in the form of a burly, bearded, lumberjack of a vampire, who also just happens to be a new professor at OCU. It doesn't hurt that Nero is sweet, gentle, and not at all what one would expect from a vampire. He's also dangerously sexy.

And completely unavailable. Not that she's interested or anything.

Because Tiffany has her sights set on someone else anyway, though the question of whether the other guy wants her is still up in the air—along with the dozen or so lovebirds flitting around her head. Argh!

Contains mature themes.

100% That Witch

Author Celia Kyle, Marina Maddix

Narrated by Kendall Taylor

Publication date Dec 31, 2021

Running time 5 hrs 26 min

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