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Short Synopsis
A must-listen for anyone with an interest in American history, 1777 is an intimate retelling of the campaign that tipped the balance in the American War of Independence.

Full Synopsis
In the autumn of 1777, near Saratoga, New York, an inexperienced and improvised American army led by General Horatio Gates faced off against the highly trained British and German forces led by General John Burgoyne. The British strategy in confronting the Americans in upstate New York was to separate rebellious New England from the other colonies. Despite inferior organization and training, the Americans exploited access to fresh reinforcements of men and materiel, and ultimately handed the British a stunning defeat.

Assimilating the archaeological remains from the battlefield along with the many letters, journals, and memoirs of the men and women in both camps, Dean Snow's 1777 provides a richly detailed narrative of the two battles fought at Saratoga over the course of thirty-three tense and bloody days. While the contrasting personalities of Gates and Burgoyne are well known, they are but two of the many actors who make up the larger drama of Saratoga. Snow highlights famous and obscure participants alike, from the brave but now notorious turncoat Benedict Arnold to Frederika von Riedesel, the wife of a British major general who later wrote an important eyewitness account of the battles.

"As the action builds and the characters come into focus, readers will get caught up in their hopes and frustrations . . . [and] military history lovers will appreciate Snow's explanations of how battles are fought." ---Kirkus

"Snow's narrative keeps readers engaged, start to finish." ---Library Journal

"An exceptionally detailed narrative, following events day by day and, as the action intensifies, hour by hour. This chronological structure has the merit of making sense of a campaign for which the evidence is often complex and contradictory. The result is a vivid, almost novelistic, account." ---Wall Street Journal

"[Dean Snow's] profiles of protagonists . . . bring the battle to life." ---New York Times


Tipping Point at Saratoga

Author Dean Snow

Narrated by Bob Souer

Publication date Jun 20, 2017

Running time 14 hrs 7 min

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