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Short Synopsis
MJ Fields presents Book 2 in her Truth About Love series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A long time ago . . .

I was young and naive. I thought I could save the world. I thought that protecting those around me from hurt and pain was what I was born to do. She made me feel that way. Ava Links, the little girl who was too fucking stubborn for her own good. The little girl who absorbed the hurt and pain of everyone around her and tried to bring sunshine to them all. The little girl who somehow looked at me, expecting—no, damn near demanding—I protect her.

I saw the pain she hid, and as I grew older, I understood that pain. The pain of being so much to so many that there is really never a "you."

I took control of my life . . .

I had to get away from everyone who pulled at me in order to claim myself. When I became the man I was destined to be, I began to live. Then, one drunken night, Ava Links, no longer a little girl, said the right damn thing to me, and everything changed. After seven years of fucking her while home on leave with no expectations, now my life is out of control.

One bad dream, one I love you, one night of pushing her the hell out of my life, one drummer stealing her heart, and one explosion took everything away.

Contains mature themes.

"Another reason I love MJ's books is her male characters. They are just so f*ckable! Her men are Alpha Males, yet sensitive enough. They are fiercely protective, loyal to a fault, sexy as hell, and family is always important. What more could you ask for?!?" ---Alpha Book Club

"27 Truths was a gorgeous story that gutted me. 27 Lies brought me to my reader's knees a mess at times, but so beautifully pieced together by the end that I wished I could read this book all over again, for the first time." ---Three Chicks and Their Books

27 Lies

Luke's Story

Author MJ Fields

Narrated by Guy Locke, Elizabeth Hart

Publication date Mar 21, 2017

Running time 8 hrs

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