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Short Synopsis
An eye-opening history of the famous 617 Squadron and its pilots and crews by a man who flew alongside them. A perfect book for fans of Max Hastings, John Nichol and Patrick Bishop.

Full Synopsis
In May 1943, Guy Gibson led 617 Squadron on an audacious assault on the dams of the Ruhr valley using Barnes Wallis' ingenious 'bouncing bombs.'

What happened to RAF 617 Squadron after the completion of Operation Chastise?

The raid had been a success, but the bombing offensive against Nazi-occupied territories did not let up and 617 Squadron continued to be at the heart of these operations.

Squadron Leader Tom Bennett, who flew as one of the lead navigators of 617's Mosquito marker force, recounts many of the precision attacks made by 617's Lancasters on vital targets in occupied Europe.

A number of personalities who served with the Squadron leap from the pages, like Tom McLean, who managed to destroy three night-fighters while wounded from his position as rear gunner, as well as the unpredictable Australian Colin Keith 'Aspro' Astbury who after being retired from active duty snuck out of his dull job with the Air Ministry to continue flying with his crew.

617 Squadron: The Dambusters at War provides unique insight into the reminiscences of the men who flew in this crack Royal Air Force squadron during the last three years of World War Two.

617 Squadron

The Dambusters at War

Author Tom Bennett

Narrated by Dennis Kleinman

Publication date Nov 29, 2022

Running time 14 hrs

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