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Short Synopsis
Noted therapist Cindy Goldrich's book features compassionate and effective strategies for raising a child with ADHD.

Full Synopsis
Parenting children with ADHD, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, can be challenging and complex. But just as a child who struggles with reading can learn to decode words, children with ADHD can learn patience, communication, and solution-seeking skills to become more confident, independent, and capable. This book, rich with optimism, tips, tools, and action plans, offers science-based insights and systems for parents to help cultivate these skills.

8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD focuses on developing and strengthening effective interpersonal skills in both parents and children as a way to improve conflict resolution. Following the parenting principle to "parent the child you have," noted therapist Cindy Goldrich offers advice to help listeners tailor their parenting to meet the needs of their unique child. This book also helps parents to recognize the value of being a leader and a guide to children, building parents' confidence in their decision-making, and giving children a sense of safety, security, and confidence.

"Cindy Goldrich provides a clear, informative guide filled with valuable tips and tools." ---Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, author of Empowering Youth With ADHD

"This book is a godsend for parents raising kids who have the exciting but often challenging condition called ADHD." ---Edward Hallowell, MD, author of Driven to Distraction

"This book will be a revelation that you'll want to read and share again and again." ---Sarah D. Wright, author of ADHD Coaching Matters: The Definitive Guide

8 Keys to Parenting Children With ADHD

Author Cindy Goldrich

Narrated by Callie Beaulieu

Publication date Oct 5, 2015

Running time 6 hrs 20 min

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