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Short Synopsis
Susie Gayle presents Book 4 in the Pet Shop Cozy Mysteries series.

Full Synopsis
The ties that bind . . . Can get you into a heap of trouble.

Life in the coastal Maine town of Seaview Rock seems idyllic until the death of a local mechanic leaves police with more questions than answers.

Pet shop owner Will Sullivan is determined to stay out of their way and not get involved, but his best friend Sammy begs him to investigate.

Convinced that the mechanic's unfortunate demise was no accident, Sammy believes that he might be the killer's next target, but he claims that he can't say why.

It's up to Will to discover the true circumstances surrounding the mechanic's death, while also figuring out the degree of his friend's involvement.

Will friendship cloud his judgement and get in the way of Will's search for the truth and justice?

Find out in this furry and funny cozy mystery!

A Basket of Murder

Author Susie Gayle

Narrated by Ray Greenley

Publication date Feb 28, 2023

Running time 2 hrs

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