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Short Synopsis
Aven Ellis presents Book 3 in the Washington DC Soaring Eagles series.

Full Synopsis
A professional baseball player who needs to find himself—on and off the mound. A heroine passionate about animals—but not the life she's living. And two ferrets who spark a romance that will change everything for Brady and Addison . . .

Addison Blakely should be happy. After all, so many items on her life list had checkmarks by them: self-sufficient and living on her own, enjoying life in DC with fantastic friends, happily single, and working at a professional job.

So why isn't she?

Addison knew life wasn't going to be like the Regency romances she devours. The pages of her own book weren't going to be filled with a dashing hero and a gorgeous romance. That wasn't reality.

Or so she thought.

Addison's life changes when a celebrity photoshoot with the Washington Soaring Eagles baseball team brings Brady Jensen into her life. Addison is drawn to the gorgeous pitcher with a crooked smile and a soft spot for the underdog. The more Addison learns about Brady, the more she begins to believe she can rewrite her own story.

When Brady and Addison are both faced by the challenges of living an authentic life and accepting their own truths, will Brady and Addison's love make it all nine innings?

A Complete Game

Author Aven Ellis

Narrated by Andrea Emmes

Publication date Feb 28, 2023

Running time 10 hrs 14 min

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