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Short Synopsis
A must-listen romantic comedy for fans of fake dating and second chance romances.

Full Synopsis
Alina Martin has done everything to make her family proud—business school, long hours at her father's corporate empire, doing secretarial work despite her business skills. She even obeys her father's rule that she must marry before she inherits his company and allows him to pick her suitor. But before she can carry out her destiny, her husband Todd seizes the company from her control, leaving her with nothing.

And then Alina is killed in a suspicious accident.

Amazingly, she wakes up. It's three years in her past, and not yet married to her backstabbing husband, she vows to stop waiting for the men in her life to respect her. She decides to take over the company and save it from Todd.

In order to take over the company, she needs to marry—and it's certainly not going to be Todd this time. Instead, she approaches a man she never thought she'd see again: Damon Mae, a handsome, charming CEO—and also Alina's ex. He's the only person Alina can trust to back her up instead of bossing her around, and their combined reputation and skill is enough to intimidate even the sexist men running her family's company. But can these exes pull off a fake engagement when Damon still hates Alina for their breakup?

A Convenient Engagement

Author Evie Bennet

Narrated by Alexa Elmy

Publication date Feb 7, 2023

Running time 9 hrs 10 min

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