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Short Synopsis
Mike Omer presents a Glenmore Park Mysteries novella.

Full Synopsis
No one can foretell their own death . . .

Detectives Hannah and Bernard are called to investigate the violent death of Jacqueline Mune. But what seems to be a straightforward case of a shooting in a bad neighborhood turns out to be a lot more complicated. Jacqueline had been a psychic, doing tarot readings and selling mystic medicines and oils. And it seems like everyone around her had a reason to want her dead.

Jacqueline was not able to see her own future in the cards. Now it's up to the detectives to look into the past, and figure out the identity of a killer.

A Death Not Foretold

A Glenmore Park Novella

Author Mike Omer

Narrated by Eric Jason Martin

Publication date Sep 8, 2021

Running time 3 hrs

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