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Short Synopsis
Dominique Mondesir presents Book 2 in the Junkyard Dogs series.

Full Synopsis
The darkness is approaching. He is coming for everything I love. Everything I value. Everything I dreamed of.

Alvis Bowman, the super genius who created AI humanoids and started WW3 is now free and after the only thing I care about. My family.

He will stop at nothing to take away the woman I love and will destroy everything in his path to make sure that happens. With only a small crew of men to call my own, I must stand up to the very man who brought Earth to its knees.

The very man who was only defeated because Earth rallied together.

Now, I must do the same, with nothing but a single ship and my wits and courage.

If I don't stop him, then he will bring about another war that shall wipe out humanity forever.

If I do stop him, then everything I hold dear, everything which makes me human, may be lost forever.

A Dog is Born

Author Dominique Mondesir

Narrated by Dan Calley

Publication date Feb 14, 2023

Running time 12 hrs 5 min

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