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Short Synopsis
Iris Bolling presents Book 3 in the Lassiter Wedding Series.

Full Synopsis
Sexy high-school teacher Matthew Lassiter has found the woman of his dreams. She loves and understands his desire for the simple life of mentoring teens. The larger-than-life siblings who surround him excel in just about everything they do. While that is financially beneficial for them, his choice to teach is not as profitable. When the opportunity for a different career is put on the table, planning a life with Leah has Matt questioning his decision.

Leah Saxton is beautiful, loving, a computer engineer, and one hell of a cook. Meeting Matthew was the best thing to ever happen to her. The attraction was immediate, the lovemaking off the freakin' chart, and fine . . . the word does not describe the man who has stolen her heart. Hell, the man even encourages her to start her own business at a difficult time in her life. Now, the two are on their way to marital bliss.

The problem, you ask? Simply put, her father . . . period. He is an egotistical, chauvinistic, and ungrateful, to put it nicely. Her father is a man filled with anger from both a failed marriage and business. He is hell-bent on ruining her wedding, her life, and any future she may have with Matt. Will Matt and Leah make it to the alter without ending up with an attempted murder charge? Only the attendees will know for sure as they witness the antics of a family affair.

A Family Affair

Author Iris Bolling

Narrated by Winston James

Publication date Aug 29, 2023

Running time 5 hrs 18 min

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