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Short Synopsis
Auburn Tempest and Michael Anderle present Book 9 in the Chronicles of an Urban Druid series.

Full Synopsis
Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Magic, dragons, elves, and vampires are my new normal. At any point, I might get attacked by an angry book, be on the shit-list for forgetting to hook up my battle bear's keg, or get called to investigate a gruesome magical murder.

And how cool is that?

Well . . . the investigating part, not so much the murder.

When Garnet brings Team Trouble in to investigate a string of discarded bodies, none of us likes where the evidence points. My Spidey-sense says something isn't right.

In the human realm, the evidence doesn't lie. In the empowered realm . . . nothing is as it seems.

Join Fiona as she strikes off on another action-packed adventure in the ninth installment of the Chronicles of an Urban Druid.

A Fated Bond

Author Auburn Tempest, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Rachel Dulude

Publication date Nov 29, 2022

Running time 8 hrs

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