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Short Synopsis
Lia Davis and L. A. Boruff present Book 15 in the Witching After Forty series.

Full Synopsis
Ava Calliope Howe Harper Walker has led a full and eventful life. She moved home to embrace her magical heritage, and now she's living a fuller, even more event-filled life. Things never seem to slow down.

Alfred is safe at home, but now he's human, like, alive but still hasn't woken up. If Ava wants to keep the wonderful Viking in her life, she's got to wake him up.

Meanwhile, Olivia is on a mission to figure out what's going on with her son. Sammie knew where Alfred was . . . how? And is he having nightmares or visions? Nobody knows, but Mama Bear Olivia is going to find out and make sure her son is safe and happy.

Oh, Luci. Our dear Satan Claus is having some hellacious problems of his own. He's going to have to ask his friends and family for help with this one, despite being vehemently against any form of assistance when it comes to his infernal kingdom.

Ava's powers are still on the fritz, but she's determined to get this newest mess figured out. With Drew and Olivia at her side, she's going to get this sorted and maybe, just maybe, life can finally calm down.

Ha! Yeah, right.

A Fiendish Midlife

Author Lia Davis, L.A. Boruff

Narrated by Coleen Marlo

Publication date Feb 20, 2024

Running time 3 hrs

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