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Short Synopsis
L. Rose presents Book 3 in the Hidden Kingdom Trilogy. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
One, two, learning what's new. Three, four, it's time to set the score. Five, six, things just might get nixed. Seven, eight, there is so much hate. Nine, ten, it's time to live again.

Dark days filled with pain are still present in Paige's life. If it wasn't for her men, she would have given up a while ago. Even with the looming visit to the council, who she's sure want to see her destroyed, she can easily take them on because she has her guys at her side.

And as long as they aren't harmed, then she won't have to kill anyone. For now.

Contains mature themes.

A Final Paige

Author L. Rose

Narrated by Troy Duran, Aletha George

Publication date Feb 9, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 17 min

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