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H. P. Mallory presents Book 2 in the Midlife Spirits series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Living in a haunted house is going to be the death of me . . . Potentially literally.

In an attempt to cleanse whatever entity Trina and I let into my house after our bout with a Ouija board, things have only gotten worse. When the entity begins to sap Drake's strength, I realize I have to do something and that something needs to be done now . . .

While Drake does definitely drive me crazy with his pretentious airs, his womanizing ways and his jealousy, the idea of coming home to an empty house leaves me feeling . . . well, empty. Yes, it's true—I'm pretty fond of my ghostly Casanova.

Meanwhile, whatever this entity is, it's getting stronger and more aggressive. It appears to be mimicking the attacks of the Axeman, a murderer who terrorized New Orleans over one hundred years earlier.

And there's only so much Ryan can do to help me, considering he's corporeal.

When forced to make a decision to protect Drake, I'll face a consequence that could put my blossoming relationship with Ryan on hold . . . forever.

Contains mature themes.

A Ghost of a Chance

Author H.P. Mallory

Narrated by Tiffany Morgan

Publication date Dec 13, 2022

Running time 5 hrs

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