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Short Synopsis
Emily EK Murdoch presents Book 5 in the Governess Bureau series.

Full Synopsis
When a governess has unusual experience, there is only one place she belongs: the Governess Bureau.

When you wake up with no memories from the last ten years, what do you do? For Miss Rachel Herriot, she has only one option—to be sent to a quiet manor house with one charge, Violet, to care for. A little governessing and recuperation, that's all she needs.

Unfortunately, that's not what she'll get. Waiting for her at Quintrell Hall is not the idyllic quiet country life she was promised, but a gentleman called Timothy Astor. Mysterious, frequently absent from his home, and kissing her passionately in corridors with no introduction, Mr. Astor is not what Rachel expected.

And that's the trouble with losing one's memory, isn't it? As Timothy watches the woman he knew and loved attempt to recognize him, there's nothing for him but to quietly pretend their clandestine love affair—and their illegal adventures in France never happened.

But the past is looming and about to collide with the future. As preparations for Miss Violet Quintrell's entrance into Society are threatened by Timothy's refusal to reveal Rachel's own past, there'll be more than one unusual experience for this governess . . .

A Governess of Unusual Experience

Author Emily EK Murdoch

Narrated by Jessica Bright

Publication date Oct 18, 2022

Running time 12 hrs

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