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Short Synopsis
Emily EK Murdoch presents Book 6 in the Governess Bureau series.

Full Synopsis
The Governess Bureau is about to close—but Miss Vivienne Clarke has one chance to redeem it, and herself.

Scandal. Intrigue. Love matches. The Governess Bureau was never supposed to be full of these things, but over the last few years, no fewer than five matches have been made.

It's something the proprietress, Miss Vivienne Clarke, simply cannot allow to continue.

With only one client remaining for the previously esteemed Governess Bureau now it has been called into disrepute, Vivienne has no choice but to take on the assignment herself; caring for the daughter of Edwin, Viscount Bysshe. It would be so much easier if she had not turned down his offer of marriage fifteen years ago.

Edwin wouldn't consider himself a man who carries a grudge, he just wants to prove to the world that Miss Clarke is incompetent and her whole Bureau idea is a scam. After all, she chose it over him all those years ago. Besides, he has secrets to hide about his daughter, and her mysterious origins.

All Vivienne wants to do is salvage her reputation, restore her business, and return to London with her heart intact. She's a governess of wise years, but is that enough to save herself from even more heartbreak?

A Governess of Wise Years

Author Emily EK Murdoch

Narrated by Jessica Bright

Publication date Nov 15, 2022

Running time 11 hrs

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