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Short Synopsis
In the third installment of Anna Lee Huber's Lady Darby Mystery series, Lady Kiera Darby once again finds herself assisting in a murder inquiry and dealing with the complicated emotions aroused in her by agent Sebastian Gage.

Full Synopsis
Returning to her childhood home, Lady Kiera Darby hopes her beloved brother Trevor and the merriment of the Hogmanay Ball will distract her. But when a caretaker is murdered and a grave is disturbed at nearby Dryburgh Abbey, Kiera is once more thrust into the cold grasp of death.

While Kiera knows that aiding in another inquiry will only further tarnish her reputation, her knowledge of anatomy could make the difference in solving the case. But agreeing to investigate means Kiera must deal with the complicated emotions aroused in her by inquiry agent Sebastian Gage.

When Gage arrives, he reveals that the incident at the Abbey was not the first—some fiend is digging up old bones and holding them for ransom. Now they must catch the grave robber . . . before another victim winds up six feet under.

A Grave Matter

Author Anna Lee Huber

Narrated by Heather Wilds

Publication date Oct 20, 2014

Running time 14 hrs

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