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Emily George presents Book 2 in the Cannabis Cafe Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
What a long, strange trip it's been for Chloe. After her dream of becoming a Parisian pastry chef—and a wife—crashed and burned, she returned home to the seaside town of Azalea Bay, California and opened a cannabis café. Despite some residents' misgivings about how such a business may affect the community's reputation, Baked by Chloe has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Nothing mellows out people like sweet edibles and frothy drinks with a dash of CBD.

But when it comes to surfers, the only high they want to ride is on a wave. The annual summer Azalea Bay Pro Challenger Surf Competition is underway, and fan favorite Aaron Gill is treading water. Plagued by professional and personal pressures, he finds himself no longer a top contender, and everyone is saddened when he takes his own life.

But his best friend Ethan Wilson knows that despite Aaron's difficulties, suicide was not on his mind, and he begs Chloe to investigate. Against her better judgment, Chloe dives in and discovers Aaron was surrounded by people motivated enough to help him wipe out—permanently . . .

A High Tide Murder

Author Emily George

Narrated by Chelsea Stephens

Publication date Feb 20, 2024

Running time 9 hrs

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