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Short Synopsis
A collection of short stories, featuring characters from the Beacon Hill Sorcerer series by bestselling author SJ Himes. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
"Red Wine and Blood": The Blood Wars raged for centuries across Boston. Witness a brief glimpse into the brutal history of the Wars with Ignacio Salvatore and the vampire he loves, Ashwin Metcalfe, in 1897.

"A History of Trouble": Angel was joking when he asked O'Malley if someone resurrected a mammoth. Little did he know that was exactly what someone did. Experience the untold story of what happened that unfortunate night at the Boston Public Museum.

"A Dragon in the City": What happens when Eroch goes adventuring in Beacon Hill without Angel? Chaos, pure chaos.

"Fae's Gold": Daniel is helping the newly-resurrected fae Ruairi Brennan become accustomed to modern-day living. A boring trip to the bank quickly escalates, and Daniel calls Angel for help. The day goes downhill from there but ends in a comfy meal in a pub for an ancient fae warrior and a necromancer's apprentice.

Contains mature themes.

A History of Trouble

A Beacon Hill Sorcerer Collection

Author SJ Himes

Narrated by Joel Leslie

Publication date Nov 12, 2019

Running time 3 hrs

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