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Short Synopsis
Marci Bolden presents Book 3 in the Life Without Water series.

Full Synopsis
Since losing her husband, Tobias, in a tragic accident, Carol Denman has been on a journey of self-growth. She's taken steps to finally grieve her daughter's death, forgive her first husband, and mend her broken relationship with her mother. The one heartbreak she can't seem to come to terms with is losing her husband.

As Carol continues her travels, family, old friends, and new confidants want to help her heal. However, this is a path Carol must travel alone. She knows her husband would want her to be happy again. She just has to figure out how to move forward.

Carol must dig deep to find a way back to the peace and happiness she once had in her life with Tobias. Coming to terms with being a widow isn't going to be easy, but with the support from her loved ones and a few strangers, Carol embarks on her most poignant journey yet—finding a life without regrets.

A Life Without Regrets

Author Marci Bolden

Narrated by Tanya Eby

Publication date Jan 26, 2021

Running time 7 hrs 19 min

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