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Short Synopsis
Set in Poland during World War II, A Long Way From Warsaw is a must-listen novel about family, courage, and the indomitable human quest for freedom.

Full Synopsis
Torn apart by war. Reunited by love.

Warsaw, 1939. Poland is on the brink of war, and for Anna Nowak, life will never be the same again.

Her brother, Lech, is called up to fight as an officer in the Polish army. He expects to be home in a matter of weeks, but it will be many years and a journey of thousands of miles before he can be reunited with those he loves.

Anna's younger brother, Jan, dreams of being a soldier too. But his dreams turn into nightmares when the Germans invade and his best friend is incarcerated within the ghetto.

As for Anna, her hopes of studying art are crushed when the German occupiers close Polish universities. Instead she risks her own life by serving in the resistance. But with the Gestapo closing in, and with rumors of prisoners being sent to concentration camps, how far is she willing to go to save her country?

As Poland is carved up by both Germany and the Soviet Union, the fate of ordinary people hangs in the balance. What does it mean to be Polish when Poland itself is threatened with extinction?

Packed with authentic historical details, A Long Way From Warsaw is a sweeping novel of family, courage, and the indomitable human quest for freedom.

A Long Way From Warsaw

A Novel of World War II Poland

Author Margarita Morris

Narrated by Elisabeth Lagelee

Publication date Mar 21, 2023

Running time 13 hrs 10 min

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