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Short Synopsis
As she did in her critically acclaimed The Last Days of the Romanovs, Helen Rappaport brings a compelling documentary feel to the story of a royal marriage and of a queen's obsessive love for her husband—a story that begins as a fairy tale and ends in tragedy.

Full Synopsis
After the untimely death of Prince Albert, the Queen and her nation were plunged into a state of grief so profound that this one event would dramatically alter the shape of the British monarchy. For Britain had not just lost a prince: during his twenty year marriage to Queen Victoria, Prince Albert had increasingly performed the function of King in all but name. The outpouring of grief after Albert's death was so extreme, that its like would not be seen again until the death of Princess Diana one hundred and thirty-six years later.

Drawing on many letters, diaries and memoirs from the Royal Archives and other neglected sources, as well as the newspapers of the day, Helen Rappaport offers a new perspective on this compelling historical psychodrama—the crucial final months of the prince's life and the first long, dark ten years of the Queen's retreat from public view. She draws a portrait of a queen obsessed with her husband and—after his death—with his enduring place in history. Magnificent Obsession also sheds new light on the true nature of the prince's chronic physical condition, overturning for good the one hundred and fifty-year-old myth that he died of typhoid fever.

"Absorbing account of the making of a queen through her awful, protracted grief." ---Kirkus

"Rappaport offers an absorbing, perceptive, and detailed picture of a constitutional monarchy in crisis." ---Publishers Weekly

"A fluid and astute writer, Rappaport delivers a historically discerning portrait of Victoria in the 1860s." ---Booklist

A Magnificent Obsession

Victoria, Albert, and the Death That Changed the British Monarchy

Author Helen Rappaport

Narrated by Wanda McCaddon

Publication date Apr 9, 2012

Running time 12 hrs

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