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Short Synopsis
J. R. Rasmussen presents Book 3 in the Dragon Queen series.

Full Synopsis
At the cusp of the final battle, one man stands ready. Or not.

War looms on the horizon. The fates of mankind and dragonkind alike hang in the balance. And as tensions rise and allegiances shift, someone dear to Griffin is taken by the enemy.

Desperate, Griffin embarks on a rescue mission into hostile territory, where old grudges bring new dangers, and legendary monsters come to life. But even if he succeeds, it won't be enough. If he's to stop the redwings once and for all, Griffin must reach across the sea, beyond the grave, and into perhaps the most frightening place of all: his own heart.

He thought nothing could be more hazardous than a dragon. He's about to find out how wrong he was.

A Promise of Storms

Author J.R. Rasmussen

Narrated by Paul Woodson

Publication date Oct 19, 2021

Running time 11 hrs

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