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Short Synopsis
The author of the bestselling Night's Dawn trilogy presents A Second Chance at Eden, a novella and six stories set in the same brilliantly realized universe.

Full Synopsis
Acclaimed bestselling author Peter F. Hamilton has taken the science fiction world by storm with his stunning, grand-scale epic: The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, and The Naked God.

Now, with this collection of six stories and a short novel, Hamilton spans more than five centuries in the future history of bitek, affinity genes, Edenists, Adamists, xenocs, the Saldanas, and the starship Lady Macbeth. This outstanding anthology includes "Escape Route," which has been chosen for Gardner Dozois's prestigious collection The Year's Best Science Fiction.

A Second Chance At Eden

Author Peter F. Hamilton

Narrated by Steven Crossley

Publication date Feb 9, 2016

Running time 15 hrs

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