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Short Synopsis
Lynette Eason presents the first novel in the High Stakes series.

Full Synopsis
When Marianna Santino's roommate is killed, Detective Ethan O'Hara can't fathom the motive. Then he realizes the deaf teacher was the intended target.

Marianna must have something the murderer desperately wants. But what? Digging for the truth, the guarded cop tries to learn everything he can about Marianna. Her world. Her family. Her beauty, faith, and fierce independence.

In spite of himself, Ethan finds that he can't keep his feelings at bay. Soon, he's willing to risk everything—including his heart—to lay the silent terror stalking Marianna to rest.

"The narrator [has] a pleasant voice for all of the characters." -Kindles & Wine Book Blog

A Silent Terror

Author Lynette Eason

Narrated by Amy Melissa Bentley

Publication date Aug 22, 2017

Running time 6 hrs 11 min

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