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Short Synopsis
Theresa Tomlinson presents Book 1 in the Fridgyth The Herb-Wife series.

Full Synopsis
"A herbwife on a mule may go where warriors cannot—she may see what warriors cannot see and hear what warriors cannot hear!”

The Monastery at Whitby is ruled over by the powerful and independent Abbess Hild. But when she needs someone to confide in, she turns to the honest warmth of her friend Fridgyth, the half-pagan herb-wife.

A divisive and life-altering decision taken at the Great Synod is swiftly overshadowed as the monastery is ravaged by a deadly plague. As she tends the sick, Fridgyth starts to suspect that not all the deaths are natural. Despite Hild's stern warnings "not to meddle" she sets out to investigate.

Can Fridgyth's wisdom and intuition unmask the murderer and unravel the dark politics surrounding the deaths and clandestine arrival of two young scholars?

"I absolutely loved Danielle Cohen’s narration, it was superb and brought Fridgyth, Hild and the other characters to life perfectly." ---The Secret Library Site

A Swarming of Bees

Author Theresa Tomlinson

Narrated by Danielle Cohen

Publication date Oct 27, 2020

Running time 10 hrs 29 min

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