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Short Synopsis
Chloe C. Peñaranda presents Book 3 in the Heir Comes to Rise series.

Full Synopsis
As darkness descends, two destinies will merge. But as embers fly, one may rise from the ashes.

A Kingdom . . .

Far from the land she knows, Faythe is beckoned toward the secrets of her heritage. Through trials of her name and a challenge to her claim, does she have what it takes to rule? Faythe bears a future that haunts; Reylan harbors a past that lingers. At his side, what ignited in her heart is kindling, but letting her guard fall could break them . . . or make them stronger.

A Quest . . .

Now faced with a far deadlier evil than the king, a higher calling seems determined to turn the hourglass on Faythe’s quest to save Ungardia. But she soon learns time isn’t the only thing working against her. Darkness is rising, history is stirring, and the hunters are about to become the hunted.A Destiny . . .

For fate cannot be outrun. Faythe's powers are manifesting beyond her control, and if she can't save herself, no one can. Defying destiny is not without consequence, yet Faythe may be willing to pay the highest price of all to forge a path to true freedom––for her kingdom, and for the ones she loves.

A Throne from the Ashes

Author Chloe C. Peñaranda

Narrated by Elisabeth Lagelee

Publication date Nov 8, 2022

Running time 25 hrs

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