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Short Synopsis
Eliot Grayson presents Book 2 in the Santa Rafaela series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Friends know all your faults and love you anyway. But what happens when you cross the line between friends and . . . more than friends?


My straight roommate and I are totally not dating. Sure, Lucas and I watch videos together—yes, those kinds of videos—and sometimes fall asleep in the same bed afterward. And yeah, I bring coffee to his lab every day so I can get my hug fix. But at night, I've been out clubbing and trying to forget that my ex-boyfriend was using me. I'm so lucky Lucas puts up with my drunk shenanigans. Until he doesn't—and makes it impossible for me to hide what I really want. But it's all platonic. Right?


Chris means everything to me, and I'd do anything for him. But one too many middle-of-the-night rescue missions with him falling-down drunk makes me lose my temper. Bigtime. Once he's sober, I threaten to put him over my knee and give him what he deserves. I expect him to tell me to go to hell, but instead he blushes and squirms. He wants it. Badly. And now I don't know what to do. It should've been a one-time thing. But seeing Chris that way—touching him that way—has me hooked. Because my own reaction isn't exactly platonic either.

Contains mature themes.

A Totally Platonic Thing

Author Eliot Grayson

Narrated by Chris Chambers

Publication date Oct 24, 2023

Running time 9 hrs 23 min

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