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A brief guide to the real science of interstellar travel.

Full Synopsis
With known exoplanets now numbering in the thousands and initiatives like 100 Year Starship and Breakthrough Starshot advancing the idea of interstellar travel, the age-old dream of venturing forth into the cosmos and perhaps even colonizing distant worlds may one day become a reality. A Traveler's Guide to the Stars reveals how.

Les Johnson takes you on a thrilling tour of the physics and technologies that may enable us to reach the stars. He discusses the latest exoplanet discoveries, promising interstellar missions on the not-so-distant horizon, and exciting new developments in space propulsion, power, robotics, communications, and more. But interstellar travel will not be easy, and it is not for the faint of heart. Johnson describes the harsh and forbidding expanse of space that awaits us, and he addresses the daunting challenges—both human and technological—that we will need to overcome in order to realize tomorrow's possibilities.A Traveler's Guide to the Stars is your passport to the next great frontier of human discovery, providing a rare inside look at the remarkable breakthroughs in science and technology that will help tomorrow's space travelers chart a course for the stars.

"Page’s voice has ease and fluidity as he delivers this highly complex material. His smooth style helps listeners feel comfortable with challenging topics like fusion propulsion, robotics, nuclear fission, and the cosmos itself." —AudioFile

A Traveler's Guide to the Stars

Author Les Johnson

Narrated by Michael Page

Publication date Oct 11, 2022

Running time 7 hrs

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