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Short Synopsis
Ada Harper presents Book 2 in the Whisper series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
She turned her back on her people and shifted her allegiance to the very Empire she was sent to betray.

Now head spymaster, Lyre's loyalty lies with Sabine, the Empress she has loved since childhood. But when Sabine visits the secretive Cloud Vault, the floating citadel home that Lyre betrayed, Lyre's elaborate web of lies starts to untangle. Her very presence threatens Sabine's future, and Lyre will do whatever it takes to protect her lover . . . even if that means sacrificing herself.

Empress Sabine Corvus has lived a life of service, pushing aside her own desires for the greater good. With the Empire teetering on the brink of war with the traitorous Syndicate, she cannot afford to show weakness. Although Lyre's spymaster skills are her greatest weapon, their bond is Sabine's Achilles' heel. Regardless of the price, she will not give Lyre up.

Contains mature themes.

A Treason of Truths

Author Ada Harper

Narrated by Allyson Johnson

Publication date Mar 29, 2022

Running time 10 hrs

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