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Short Synopsis
More than a simple biography, this fascinating book about Edwin Land, the creator of Polaroid's instant photography, was a man who Steve Jobs deemed "a national treasure."

Full Synopsis
This riveting biography from the American Bar Association visits the spectacular life of Edwin Land, breakthrough inventor. At the time of his death, he stood third on the list of our most prolific inventors, behind only Thomas Edison and one of Edison's colleagues. Land's most famous achievement was the creation of a revolutionary film-and-camera system that could produce a photographic print moments after the picture was taken.

In A Triumph of Genius, you'll learn details of Land's involvement over four decades with top-secret U.S. military intelligence efforts during World War II and through the Cold War in the service of seven American presidents. Additionally, you'll thrill to the compelling first-hand look at one of our nation's most important legal battles over intellectual property—Polaroid versus Kodak. The conflict led to an epic legal battle, a dramatic event for Land who, from the witness stand, personally starred in a compelling courtroom drama.

"Students of patent law and those who are fascinated with the history of photography will likely have an enjoyable listening experience." ---AudioFile

"Fierstein brings the story to life in such a way that at the end, the reader actually senses the huge emotional strain that such a long, fierce, and persistent battle entailed for those participating in it." ---Paul M. Janicke, HIPLA Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center

"The book will appeal to photographic historians but will also have a wider resonance for those interested in business history, management theory, and the history of science." ---Dr. Michael Pritchard, The Royal Photographic Society

A Triumph of Genius

Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War

Author Ronald K. Fierstein

Narrated by Pete Larkin

Publication date Feb 17, 2015

Running time 24 hrs 14 min

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