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Short Synopsis
Analeigh Ford presents Book 4 in the Veiled Realm series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The glamour is back . . . and with it, so is the High King of Avarath.

The fae prince, Nyx, has finally achieved what he and the others set out to do so long ago, but this time, it was not Delphine whose life ended on the High King's altar. It was her brother's.

With the High King awoken, all of Avarath and the human realm sits on the brink of war, with only one hope to save them. There's a loophole in the deal the high king once made with the humans, but in order to fulfill it, they're going to risk the wrath of yet another faerie court.For there are three high courts of faerie: The Court of Avarath. The Court of Elysia. And the Court of the Afterworld.

Avarath was lucky that the final king of faerie turned a blind eye to the first war, but Avarath's luck has run out. One by one, the princes of Avarath fall to the glamour, to duty, to fate—until even a king crumbles, too. By the time that war is truly upon them, Delphine has finally come to understand what it is to now be fae, too.

If only she’d been cursed, instead. That would have been simpler. Then, at least, the whole of fate wouldn't rest on her shoulders, and hers alone.

Contains mature themes.

A Veil of Dusk and Deceit

Author Analeigh Ford

Narrated by Caitlin Davies, Edward Black

Publication date Dec 26, 2023

Running time 8 hrs

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