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Short Synopsis
Analeigh Ford presents Book 1 in the Veiled Realm series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Delphine has been fae-marked from birth, treated as a curse despite the fact the once treacherous fae haven't been sighted in decades—in fact, no one in Delph's village has so much as laid eyes on one of the folk in nearly a century.

Right up until a fae turns up on her doorstep, demanding Delph as down payment.

No sooner has she set foot in the fae realm, however, then she learns she's no mere collateral in a deal made with the lord that owns her family lands. She was selected for a reason, hunted down for a single purpose.

The fae courts are fading. The folk disappearing. Only four courts remain. Four princes determined to save their crumbling kingdoms.

And Delph . . . Delph may just hold the key to save them all.

But even as Delph learns to see past the feared glamour of the fae realm, she quickly learns the impossible position she's found herself in. The fae may not be the monsters she was led to believe, but in order to save them . . . she may have to become a monster herself.

Contains mature themes.

A Veil of Truth and Trickery

Author Analeigh Ford

Narrated by Caitlin Davies

Publication date Nov 14, 2023

Running time 7 hrs 24 min

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