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Short Synopsis
Gabriel searches for the key to his past as he tries to keep the woman he loves safe, in the fifth installment of the Shields series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
There are those who would love to rid themselves of painful memories, to forget nasty pasts and mistakes. They think it's hell to live with those memories. Gabriel thinks it's hell to live without them. He has no memories of his past, his friends or family.

Gabriel owes his life to the Fae who discovered him bleeding and nearly dead at their doorway. They saved him and offered him a new life, regardless of his past. So he's served the Fae and the Shields since that day. His special knowledge of herbs and healing has helped save the Shields countless times. They are his brethren, his family, yet he is alone.

No matter where he searches or what questions he asks, he discovers nothing to open a doorway in his mind of locked memories. Until he catches a glimpse of a woman who seems as familiar to him as breathing. Jayna. Though she claims to not know him, their bodies know each other. Yet he agonizes over what she keeps hidden in the depths of her haunted hazel eyes. He fears the dark thoughts that lurk in his heart, and thinks back to the black deeds in his past. If what he dreads comes to pass, death will not come swift enough. Above all, he must keep Jayna safe. She is the only one that has quieted his soul and shown him what serenity is.

A Warrior's Heart

Author Donna Grant

Narrated by Antony Ferguson

Publication date Aug 19, 2013

Running time 8 hrs

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